Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Dear Pea,
You are a wicked flirt. We knew this, it's been clear since you became aware of other people.  But today's behavior really brought it home: you and I went to Yizkor services with friends from our childbirth class: the mama, daddy and your little buddy.  You were quite taken with your bud's daddy.  Seriously.  At first, every time he would look at you, you would nestle into my chest and flash him a smile.  You'd look away, then look back, smile and snuggle me. Okay, cute, then we all went about our praying business. But you weren't that interested in praying, you were interested in him. So you tapped his shoulder to get his attention. He'd look at you, you'd do the flirt smile nuzzle routine and then hit him again when he looked back at his siddur. I had to take you out of the sanctuary to let him enjoy the service.

A few weeks ago you were sick.  So sick that I called the doctor in tears three days in a row. By the third day, Monday, we went to the doctor and got a prescription.  You had been miserable for three days, rallying when necessary, but so upset when we changed your diaper or looked at the diaper rash.  When we left the doctor's office, you were in a rage-you had just been examined, you were tired and you were sick.  But as soon as we got to the pharmacy, you smiled up at that pharmacist and were in great spirits. Between the staff and the men in line behind us, you were suddenly feeling much better.

You like men, sweet pea.  Men in their twenties, thirties, sixties, you don't care.  You will smile at any man who smiles at you.  Women, meh, once in a while.  Of the three flight attendants on our flight home, you were gaga for the male.  OY

Here's your flirting smile.  Irresistible and you know it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clapping and climbing

Dear Pea,
We just got home from an 8 day trip to visit all of your Seattle family and friends. You again impressed us with your affinity for travel, your easy transition to west coast time and your willingness to fly.  You are a much better traveler than your daddy.

While in Seattle, we went to Rosh Hashana and Shabbat services.  You loved the music, the other kids and the grape juice. We also hosted a Mabon Goddess Circle to celebrate the Equinox.  You enjoyed this, too, though mostly because your big almost 5 year old cousin was there to play with you.  Wow, do you love your cousins.  All of them.  You flap your arms and start squawking when you see them, you smile and flirt with them and you happily crawl after them.  Not that they were ever very far away from you-you tend to be the center of attention at all times. 

Over the long week, you tackled crawling up stairs with no problem.  

You enjoyed a mellow playground where you could sit and watch other kids and we could move to the swings and leave our diaper bag within eye sight but not arms' reach.  

You spent some special time with some special people and even, eventually, got used to riding in the car seat. 

You started clapping and it's now your favorite thing to do.  You clap when you're excited, you clap when you see someone you're happy to see, you clap when we clap...You also started getting a bit more interested in food over the past week and have eaten a slightly larger quantity than before. Maybe two bites of food go in your belly now.  You enjoyed the salmon roe that Uncle Rossy got especially for you, the bright orange eggs and the little salty pop you got in your mouth. 

It was a sad trip, too. It was the one year anniversary of your Spirit Grandma's passing away and we said goodbye to Uncle Rossy for a long time.  Your happy spirit and enjoyment of all the people around you helped lighten the mood a lot. We are all so much in love with you, Sweet Pea. You bring joy to so many people, even strangers on the airplane can't resist your delicious smile and your happy clapping.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crawling, Cruising and Connecticut

Dear Pea,
You are eight months old!  You are now an adept crawler, not doing any of the weird bear crawls or one legged push offs that so many of your comrades do.  You crawl very civilized, on hands and knees and not too quickly. You have also taken to cruising: you pull yourself up to standing on the coffee table and walk around it, hand to hand and foot to foot.  You like to see what's on the table and taste everything before flinging it to the ground.  Sometimes you will try to hold onto a found treasure and cruise at the same time and get a bit puzzled.  Not frustrated, though-you're so delighted with your new found mobility that nothing about it deters you.  You fall, you run out of table, you get stuck under the matter. Everything is a thrill.

Last weekend we went to visit my grandma's brother in Connecticut.  WOW, did you love the country, city baby!  There were chipmunks and birds and so much was lovely.  Your great great uncle has an adorable house with a stream that he dammed this summer and we floated on the water in a raft.  You kept trying to go swimming, trailing your fingertips along the surface, delighted with the cool water and the water bugs.  We ate all our meals outside and slept to the sound of cicadas and crickets.  And no one got any tick bites! Huge success.

 dining al fresco

 Daddy is making a silly face at you

  You want to go swimming!

Pea PJs! Our favorite!