Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Solstice, Christmas and oh, so close to ONE

Dear Pea,
Yesterday was your first Christmas. We indoctrinated you into the world of Jewish traditions: Chinese food and a movie. Except Daddy and I prefer The West Wing, so that's what we watched. You had a ball at the Chinese restaurant, happily eating rice and my veggies-it turns out we are perfect friends for Chinese food because I hate baby corn and you happily ate it for me.  You also were quite smitten with the staff and spent a good amount of time in the arms of the servers and cashiers, coming back to the table with treasures they gave you: oranges and fortune cookies. It's so funny who you want to go to-the woman came to take our order, she made some goo goo noises at you and you reached out for her to take you.  Our dining companions, good friends who we love spending Christmas with? Not so much as a snuggle.

We had a lovely Solstice celebration as a family and then I went out for my first girl's spa night out with your special aunties R & B. I hadn't been in the saunas and pools since you were literally the size of a pea in my belly; this time was much nicer as I wasn't nauseous in the water.

our Solstice altar

Since Hanukkah, you have been sick. You came down with Roseola the second night and spent a couple of days with a little fever, though no other symptoms.  Then you got a little mild cold with a runny nose for a couple of days.  I hastened it along with some gua sha: BOOM, did it come out, and strong. You had such a fever and were miserable, we gave you Tylenol (again, half a dose) for the second time. But, as these gua sha helped along illnesses tend to do, it came out, burned through and left you feeling totally fine the next day, though still with a cough and runny nose.  And so, here we are, a week out from your birthday and you sound a bit like Darth Vader and look a bit like Rudolph. But you are happy and playful and requesting that we read you book after book after book.

Your favorite things this week:
  • My wallet.  Oh, do you love taking apart my wallet.  This will keep you occupied for an hour or more-it's perfect for when I have a phone client. 

My empty wallet behind you, its contents strewn about

  • The xylophone app we downloaded on the iPad.  I never wanted to be that parent, Sweet Pea, the one who turns to technology. But, oh, do you love this. 

  • Books books books!! You play with them on your own, you request that Daddy and I read them to you (by holding it out to us and then sitting expectantly), you take them off the shelves constantly. 
  • Dancing to music.  You have progressed from your arm in the air dance to bending both knees and bouncing while music plays. This is adorable, and yet throws us for a loop when we try to get you ready for bed by playing your sleepy music and you start dancing.
  • Chocolate. Oh, yes, you love chocolate. It's the good stuff: 85%, very low sugar, fair trade, organic.  

This was taken the day you had the fever and were miserable.  This is you sick. Of course, the whole day wasn't like this, but you rally and have fun and generally love life. It shatters me, Sweet Pea. I have so much to learn from you

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

11 and a half months!

Dear Pea,
Here are some notes and thoughts about you at this time in your life.

You aren't quite sure how to play with other kids yet.  You will happily get in the mix of a crowd, but you like to get a couple of balls or roundish toys and play with them while watching the chaos around you.  If another kid takes your balls, you will try to get it back, but if you can't, you'll look for another toy. You don't really get upset. You will take toys from another baby if they let you. Sometimes you will pass it back and forth if the baby is about your age but more often you just play with it in front of them.  If they get upset, you will leave or give it back.

I have seen you try to comfort a crying baby by offering a toy or a snack.  I have also seen you ignore a crying baby, even if you are both right next to each other. Or if I'm holding you both.

Cashews upset your stomach. You like to eat them, but almost immediately, you get diarrhea and poop them back out undigested.

You love my mama friends and are happy to be with them, though some more than others. One in particular, you will follow around and request that she pick you up.  She often does Baby Boot Camp with you in her arms since her son is happier playing and you're happy with her. Seems to be that you like blondes...

Your hair is coming in more and more. It's light brown, soft as feathers and curling in the back, little tufts of ringlet.

We're having a lot more success with you being happy even if I'm not around. I went to a meeting yesterday for two and a half hours and you were very happy to hang with Daddy.  And then later went to teach class and you were fine again.  You're happy with the babysitters at the YMCA, throwing your arms out to them when we walk in the door (the blonde one especially).  Next up, secure a real babysitter.  Maybe.  This is a tough one, but you are almost one year old and my business is picking up a bit.  It would be so wonderful if we found a sitter that you loved.  We'll start with the blondes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prayers for Olympia

Dear Pea,
Our special friend Olympia is very sick.  She is in California being treated for a mysterious blood condition that appears to be autoimmune in nature.  She has almost no platelets. Her white blood cells are very low.  And yet, she is a smiling, happy baby.  She is almost eight months old now and was in attendance, in utero, at your birth.  We very much want her to get well soon and stay healthy, continuing to grow and thrive and continue bringing so much light to the world.

This year, we are lighting two menorahs each night of Hannukah, one for our family and one for hers.

You, me and Olympia in May

Olympia and her mama now, snuggling in her hospital bed

Steps, reading and the way you dance

Dear Pea,
On the first night of Hanukkah, which was also your Bobob's birthday, you took your first step. One. And then sat down and clapped for yourself. Amazing on so many levels.

You have been pulling yourself up a lot more often, reaching for higher drawers and chairs. You will stand at a dresser or your highchair and play standing for a while before moving on to the next thing.  You have also lately been much more interested in books. You will play with them, turning the pages and spinning the book in your hands. This is a far cry from the early months where you would slap the book out of my hand if I tried to read to you, even if you were playing nearby.  Now, you will crawl into my lap with a book and we will read it together.  And you have finally started dancing!  I'm using that term very loosely: your version of dancing is to raise one arm and flop it around.  You do this whenever music comes on.  Occasionally both arms get in on the action, but usually just one. You like dancing, though; it always gets big smiles.

When you are finished with a particular toy or piece of food, you throw it behind your back. You will go through your entire block set, picking up two blocks at a time and throwing them over each shoulder.  You do this with a purpose-apparently you like the block container much better empty. And speaking of toys, you really aren't that into them.  You like things that aren't supposed to be toys. CD cases. Phone chargers.  Onions.  Oh, the onions. They kept you entertained for an hour or more

in process of throwing toys behind you

you brought them from the kitchen into the living room. And then peeled them