Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unintentional mind games

Dear Pea,
Your language skills are so honed that sometimes I forget that you don't know what certain things mean or that idioms and turns of phrase may be over your head. This afternoon after singing a silly pop song to myself and to you all day, I finally said "I have a song stuck in my head!" You were perplexed. "Why?" "Well, it's catchy. I like it and I want to listen to it and sing it. It's just stuck in my head." More confusion. "Can I see it?"
Me:"Umm, no, not really, it's inside my head."
You: "Can I get it for you, Mama?"
Me:"No, thank you, I know it's confusing. It just means I'm thinking about it."
You: "Where is the song?"
Me: "I'll play it for you" So I play it for you
You, pulling on a strand of your hair: "Here's the song, Mama, it's in my head now"

Yikes. We finally had to go to the playground to end the conversation.  And I still have that song in my head.

Unrelated, just freaking adorable:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Dear Pea, 
Your third spring has sprung and you are on the move!  You will consent to ride in your stroller occasionally, but you really prefer to walk. And by walk, I mean run (complete with pumping arms), jump, stop, whine, walk, walk on my shadow, run again, whine again, stop, run and jump. And if there's a cellar door, it is almost always used as a trampoline. Walking down our street is an adventure. About 10 blocks up, there is a yard with a fish pond. You love to stop and talk to the fish, telling them about your day, telling me about the fish and overall just convening with "nature"

showing the fish your Kermit band-aid

a particularly awesome section of our street: ramp, step and cellar

You love to jump up and down the curb, you saunter with your hands on your hips ("Look what I'm doing, Mommy! THIS!"), you know to wait for the walking green man before crossing the street. You are sort of working on scooting, but really prefer to ride a bike. Daddy and I are debating the best kind to get for you and I'm super excited about the prospect of all riding our own bikes on adventures. You're really so far away from babyhood now that we're able to see kidland ahead. It's so exciting!