Sunday, February 9, 2014


On sudden movements/minor injuries assumed by your parents (this happens frequently):
"Hey! What just happened!?

On boy parts:
This morning you were playing with some toys, then started saying "pen-IS, pen-IS, pen-IS" You had been calling Daddy's penis a peanut for quite some time, so I assumed that it had happened again and that he had corrected you with an emphasis on the IS. "Did you see Daddy's penis today?" I asked. "Yes! It's on his vulva!"

On your age:
When someone asks how old you are, you say "I be two and I AM two!" and nod emphatically

You have started, for the most part, asking for things in full on "Mama, can I have a cracker, please?" and when receiving said cracker: "Thanks, Mom!" If Daddy or I get a boo-boo, you want to kiss it all better.

You have memorized a few of your books and now "read" along with me. You also offer commentary on the books. It's the first stages of reading comprehension and it totally blows me and Daddy away.

Story telling:
When I pick you up after a morning with your sitter, you will tell me what happened over the course of the day. Not chronologically and often not really in context, but I will get snippets of what happened. You will also tell the same bit of news over and over again as you process it. We can see the way your mind works. It's very fun and exciting.

On relationships:
You are very interested in how people are related. You will often refer to yourself as "my mama's daughter." Or you will jump around impishly, then ask me "what your daughter doing?" You know that Brandon is your cousin and that he's also your aunt's son and your uncle's son and your Daddy's sister's son. You will sometimes refer to Papa as "my Daddy's Daddy." And for your buddies who have new siblings now, you will tell everyone that "Marky was in Lauren's belly and Evie was in Lauren's belly, but not at the same time."