Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Almost TWO

Dear Pea,
Clearly this is a VERY long overdue post. In the 6 weeks since I have last written, you have taken control of language, going from knowing many words and having some phrases to simply talking. You narrate scenes and activities, you report on past events and talk about future outings. You keep special people in your head and will talk about Seattle family weeks after seeing them.

You sing all the time. You can't carry a tune in a bucket, Sweet Pea, but you love to sign. Daddy and I often can't quite tell exactly what you're singing as your lyrics are sometimes a tad creative, but eventually we catch on.  The toughest one to date was "Ah-LLLLLL AWAY!" complete with a head bop. Hmm. That took almost a week until we realized you were signing it when a Sesame Street character was in sight, either a book or a stuffed animal. Aha! The Sesame Street Theme Song! "Sweeping the clouds away" is what you were getting at.

Another favorite song is "Let's Go Rangers!" which you will yell out whenever the mood strikes. You are also an avid Penn State fan, insisting on wearing your PSU t shirt whenever possible.

You insisted on changing your outfit into this once you saw the shirt on your drawer

You are also expanding your letter knowledge from only E to H (for Harper) and R (for Unlce Rossy). You particularity like the sign for R and try to make it often. Also of note is F for F train which we take most frequently, G for Gary (you love to call Daddy by his first name, especially if you want something from him). You are completely uninterested in M for Mama. Maybe I should try M for Muppets...

 you and Harper in the bath with all the letters. Apparently S and U are particularly delicious

We finished our first semester of Forest School last week and played in the snow! You happily wore your mittens because you were miserable with your hands cold. This is not typical for other kids your age, but you were crying from discomfort without them. And once we decided to sign "Where is Thumbkin?" every time we put them on, well, it's a no-brainer now. You love your mittens! Except that you call them mitts. (You also call buttons butts. Pretty awesome.)

You got to spend some special time with your boys after Thanksgiving, playing in the park by our house and going to the Museum of Natural History a week later. You loved the museum and can't wait to go back, but the draw wasn't the dinosaurs or the big whale or the taxidermy. Nope, the best part was the stairs by the planetarium. Best. stairs. ever. We'll have to go back soon!

 Dinos are alright, I guess. But nothing compared to snacks!

You're going to be two in a couple of weeks. My mom has been dead for over two years. Life is barreling by, full speed, full steam, no stops. We laugh a lot, Sweet Pea. We dance a lot. We eat a lot of chocolate. We snuggle a lot, we play, we read lots and lots and lots of books. We bake muffins every week. You are amazing. This is a good life.