Friday, April 26, 2013

So many words!

Dear Pea, 
It seems that every day you have at least one new word, if not more. Yesterday was "bubbles." You started saying it to Daddy while he was giving you a bath and today at the playground someone brought a bubble machine and you kept pointing to them and saying "Bubbles!!" and clapping your hands. And speaking of clapping, your new favorite song is If You're Happy and You Know It-you clap as soon as we start singing it (this is often a way to keep you in stroller without a meltdown until we get home) and then shake your feet or stomp them for the next verse.  

Some other things you say:

Nigh nigh! (yup, that's your big girl bed!)



You also say "Mups" for Muppets when you watch it with Daddy, request chocolate and animal crackers (though sometimes it's difficult for me to tell chock-la and cack-a apart, it's usually a safe bet that you're asking for chocolate), say "up" and "down" when you're going up and down stairs or the ramp at the playgound, call me Mama (finally! YAY!) and requests baths at every opportunity. You love taking baths!  Walking up and down the stairs is really cute, you hold onto the railing with one hand and my hand with your other one. You walk up and down the stairs to our apartment every time we go out and you climb up the stairs to the slide *by yourself* at the playground. You then sit yourself down and slide by yourself. Often while yelling "GO!" and/or clapping.

up the stairs

down the slide!

You're signing a ton, too. The sign for "eat" is a rounded hand tapping at the mouth; your interpretation of that is to bang your hand against your cheeks. The sign for "thank you" is a flat palm extending away from the chin. Your interpretation of that is to bang your hand against your cheeks. So, basically you ask for food and express your gratitude in receiving said food at the same time. It's pretty hilarious. The distinction is that you say "yummy nummy nummy" while banging your cheek when you want to eat. 

The weather has turned a corner and we are playing outside every day. You have so many friends in our neighborhood and see a lot of them often. Last week at toddler yoga, one of them was a few minutes late and when you saw her and her mama come in, you shrieked with delight.  This morning we met up with some others for a jog and breakfast and you couldn't control your excitement in seeing them.  It's delicious to watch how much you love your buddies and my buddies. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

15 months old!

Dear Pea,
As I was thinking about what I was going to write for this post, it occurred to me that we/you have several "special friends."  SO many! I keep writing about your special friends, and they are all different people, but they are all very special.  These are the people who aren't family by blood, but family by choice. And we were very lucky to have spent the past month surrounded by them. First in Puerto Rico, then at home for a week and then again for a few days in Seattle. Here's the re-cap:

We arrived home from Puerto Rico to a semi-unpacked new apartment. We spent a few days unpacking, building furniture, getting our old apartment cleaned out, getting our new place baby proofed, etc etc and then it was family time!  We had the mamas over to check out our new digs and we hosted your first ever Seder!

Ah, Seder!  Sweet Pea, Passover is my *favorite* holiday, by far. I have such fond memories of Passover Seders and my Uncle David and Aunt Kathy's house-playing with all of the younger cousins, hunting for the afikomen, Uncle David sitting on a big pillow.  And from later years at our FamilyFriends houses, preparing a special vegetarian dish for me to bring (I wouldn't eat meat for a long time), angling to sit at the grown ups table, drinking wine once I got there...So, it is very important to me that you get to have Seder, too.  Last year we were still trying to get in the swing of you, so we didn't make one.  But this year, Daddy got me two haggadahs as an anniversary gift (we've been married TWO years now!) and we had special friends over to the celebrate. It was kind of a shit show Seder, as I'm not used to leading, we forgot poor Elijah and I don't know how to make matzoh balls, but it was just absolutely perfect. You loved the charoset and parsley and tried to shove a fistful of horseradish in your mouth before we stopped you (I had grated fresh beet into it and it was an alluring magenta color-silly mama). You had a ball playing with your guests. I was so happy to have you participate in the rituals and next year I'll be more organized.  Everyone has already been invited back!

And then, we went to Seattle! Daddy had some work there, so we tagged along.  You were such a trooper on the very full flight, happily playing or sleeping for the entire time. As soon as we arrived, we had lunch with Bobob. Technology is really really amazing. You have not spent a whole lot of time with Bobob in person, but because we FaceTime with him so frequently, you totally know him.  As soon as you saw him, you lept into his arms, just like you do with your NY grandparents, who you love to play with all the time! Then Daddy took a nap and you and I went to visit special friend #1: Winnie the pooch!  (Okay, and Winnie's mama)

We played on the playgrounds in Seattle and Bellevue, we visited so many friends and family, we even had another super special friend drive 100 miles just to see you!!

after a LONG car ride for him,  you and BBB check out the playground

And then there were your aunties (and one uncle)!  Oh, my, you have very special aunties!! None of them have grandchildren yet, but they think you are quite the delight and very much enjoy spending time with you. As a result, you are the lucky recipient of much adoration, toys and treats. You take it all in stride, happy to be surrounded by people who love you. 

you are obsessed with stairs and want to climb up and down every chance you get

on the move in a spectacular toy store!

clowning around

You have expanded your vocabulary considerably in the past few weeks. You now say "GO!", "nose" (when pointing to someone's nose), "chocolate" (pronounced chalk-at), "head," "hat," "night-night!"and, my favorite of all, "mama!"  Finally! I'm not gonna lie, you said chocolate before you said mama.  But now you refer to me as mama and it's very very sweet.  You say bye whenever we leave a location or when you're finished with something-no more sign for "all done", now you simply wave your hand and say bye! You nod and say yes when you're approving of something and shake your head and say no when you're not so agreeable. It's really lovely.  I mean, there are some times when you say NO when we really need to you do something, but it is so cool to witness your autonomy.  And to know how much you understand.  Now I'm working on the signs for emotions: happy, sad, angry. 

Okay, here's just some more cute shots of you! You are quite the monkey and love to get yourself into small spaces and on top of toys and equipment.

totally unbothered by the fact that you're sitting on this guy backwards