Saturday, February 9, 2013

How you play these days

Dear Pea,
You love you take things out of the containers they belong in and fill those containers with other things. Your favorite is to take all the cards out of a wallet (we have two decoy wallets with expired credit cards and gift certificates) and then put the cards in a box that holds a book set (the books of course are on the floor). You will also feed the cards through the baby gate slot into the kitchen. The other fun one is to take your blocks and put as many as will fit into an empty toy box.

You also thoroughly enjoy throwing toys "overboard," as I call it. In your bath, you will happily play with your toys until you are about ready to get out. Then, one by one, overboard they go until your bath is empty of toys and you raise your arms in the "all done" sign.  You also like to throw toys off the changing table, which is a bit of a challenge when changing your diaper.  I try to have at least four toys for you at every diaper change in case you're in an overboard sort of mood. It's not a perfect science.

no more toys in here!

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