Saturday, May 4, 2013

16 months

Dear Pea,
Beltane has come and gone again. It was this time of year two years ago that Daddy and I found out you were coming to us. My first symptom of pregnancy was that everything got incredibly beautiful. The flowers were so vibrant. Songs I had previously heard and enjoyed were so amazing. Blame it on Beltane, so much  headiness!  I was drunk on hormones, on cherry blossoms, on springtime. (Of course, shortly thereafter, the real symptoms of pregnancy began and the dizziness was far less pleasant).

you and some buddies on May 1st

Though we have not sat in an official circle recently, we have celebrated. We sang songs and drank hibiscus  tea with other mamas and babies. We picked cherry blossoms and rubbed them on our cheeks,  physically tickling you and spiritually tickling me with your laughter. We've sung numerous horse songs in honor of Rhiannon and you are fully versed in "neighing" like a champ. Tonight we're having a party complete with pomegranate cocktails and our mama posse.

At the music party, you started twirling. You newest trick!

Speaking of our mama posse party, you have started saying some of your buddies names. It is the cutest cutest thing ever!  You know a few of them:  
 Haha (Harper)

 El nanna (Eliana),


You have also discovered crayons! So exciting!  You have been happily drawing on our coat closet and the toilet seat. Tonight at our party, a few mamas mentioned how awesome the closet looks and suggested that we cover the whole closet in your artwork.  We'll have to get you a ladder, right now everything is about this height:

We also recently had a wonderful visit with some more of our very special friends. Oh, as we're calling you them, your God brothers (you are the God sister). You had a ball with them and they are incredibly gentle, sweet and loving with you. Daddy and I can't wait to have you all grow up together.We're going to be spending a LOT more time with them this summer and beyond. You are all smitten

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