Friday, June 21, 2013


Dear Pea,
It is your second summer solstice. Yang energy is over abundant and uncontainable. You and all of your buddies are sick with fever and runny noses. Everyone is erupting teeth, growing taller, voicing their desires and generally running amok. It is deliciously energy draining and I am exhausted. I have my own yang overload and am struggling to find the balance (always) between yours and mine, independence and attachment, do and rest, yang and yin. You have been napping heavily, three hours at a time, after climbing, running, twirling, coloring, stomping, swinging and singing; at 17 months, you are the very definition of "verb." Action.

You know the hand movements to The Itsy Bitsy Spider and request other songs by title. You can basically teach an entire baby boot camp class, squatting, jumping, pulling bands and stretching. First thing in the morning, you run to the door and say "bye bye," requesting to go out, grabbing your shoes.

You walk down the street holding our hands.

You say "purple" and "that's mine!" and "I want some more." You can me "mommy" which I am hoping will be short lived as I was hoping to be "mama."

We started a babysitter this week and she is wonderful. I have more work than I can do with you and relying on favors; it's bittersweet. You cry when I leave but stop before I have stepped down one stair. Last night you fell asleep on her chest. It's also awesome. I am so happy to be working more.

busy busy!

all tucked out after a bike ride to the water park. 
Don't worry, you were wearing your helmet the entire ride

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