Tuesday, July 16, 2013

18 months

Dear Pea,
You are talking up a storm these days, adding two or three words a day, it seems (most recently: soccer ball, Kermit, and kick) and stringing together phrases. "I want to type" is a common one these days and it means "I want to be involved in the action." Sometimes that's actually typing, but you'll say it if we're blowing bubbles and you want to hold the wand and blow, or if you want to push the stroller or if you want to hold a book. Another oft-heard request is "park! hats! two!" which means "Let's go to the park, I need to wear a hat and I want to wear two of them!" Yes, you very much like wearing two (or more) hats these days. You also have very strong opinions about which shoes you want to wear. Almost always you insist on wearing the pair that's least appropriate for the activity you want to do and/or the outfit you are wearing.

walking down the street with Aunt Rachel & Uncle AJ. Those shoes don't really go with that dress...

We have also ventured into Pottyland! You have put your tinkles in the potty a handful of times in the past few weeks and have also begun telling us when you are going to poop, or just after.  The times you've said "poop" before actually pooping, I've asked if you want to sit on the potty and put your poops in there and you've said no. Okay, not a problem, I'm just excited that you're communicating the sensation. We are still a LONG way from actually potty training, but it seems that we're moving in that direction.

You are obsessed with the bike and request bike rides multiple times a day. You love to play with your helmet, clicking the strap into place (you can't yet unclip it, thankfully) and bringing it me in hopes that I will then take you out on the bike.

 So happy gearing up for a ride!

In addition to wearing multiple hats and choosing your shoes, you are also loving dress up. When I take out my resistance bands for clients, you immediately grab them and drape yourself in them.  You have been known to make evening gloves out of Daddy's socks. You have also mastered smiling for the camera, though only when you feel like it, of course.

 three hats!

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