Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unintentional mind games

Dear Pea,
Your language skills are so honed that sometimes I forget that you don't know what certain things mean or that idioms and turns of phrase may be over your head. This afternoon after singing a silly pop song to myself and to you all day, I finally said "I have a song stuck in my head!" You were perplexed. "Why?" "Well, it's catchy. I like it and I want to listen to it and sing it. It's just stuck in my head." More confusion. "Can I see it?"
Me:"Umm, no, not really, it's inside my head."
You: "Can I get it for you, Mama?"
Me:"No, thank you, I know it's confusing. It just means I'm thinking about it."
You: "Where is the song?"
Me: "I'll play it for you" So I play it for you
You, pulling on a strand of your hair: "Here's the song, Mama, it's in my head now"

Yikes. We finally had to go to the playground to end the conversation.  And I still have that song in my head.

Unrelated, just freaking adorable:

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