Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Fun!

Dear Pea,
Your two most common phrases these days are "Remember yesterday?..." and "Let me show you a trick!"

Yesterday is anything that happened in the past. It could have been an hour ago, a week ago or last year. But you really like to tell stories about what happened. They are always accurate and often random (as in, what could have made you think of that?!). Sometimes we have to hear a lot of the story before we know what you're talking about, but most of the time we can figure it out. I read something somewhere that said that children remember early childhood well until about age 4. Once they're 4, most of the early memories fade and the lasting memories start around 4. In any case, you remember a lot of your life so far.

You also love doing "tricks." Tricks are really anything that you're doing. "Let me show you this trick!" basically means, watch me do whatever I'm doing right now. Sometimes it's a somersault, other times it's eating your breakfast. In any case, it's pretty funny.

So far this summer we have traveled to Cincinnati to see dear friends, been to the beach, taken lots of boat rides in the East River, had wonderful special play dates and been to a number of parks. NYC in the summer really is pretty amazing.

 Your first amusement park, Rye Playland! You went on two rides then wanted to go home

Long Beach!

  Cincinnati Pirate Cruise

 Cincinnati fun with friends!!!

 boating along the East River

 giant playground play dates

 your first popsicle, at a concert in Madison Square Park with some friends

 Coney Island

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