Wednesday, December 19, 2012

11 and a half months!

Dear Pea,
Here are some notes and thoughts about you at this time in your life.

You aren't quite sure how to play with other kids yet.  You will happily get in the mix of a crowd, but you like to get a couple of balls or roundish toys and play with them while watching the chaos around you.  If another kid takes your balls, you will try to get it back, but if you can't, you'll look for another toy. You don't really get upset. You will take toys from another baby if they let you. Sometimes you will pass it back and forth if the baby is about your age but more often you just play with it in front of them.  If they get upset, you will leave or give it back.

I have seen you try to comfort a crying baby by offering a toy or a snack.  I have also seen you ignore a crying baby, even if you are both right next to each other. Or if I'm holding you both.

Cashews upset your stomach. You like to eat them, but almost immediately, you get diarrhea and poop them back out undigested.

You love my mama friends and are happy to be with them, though some more than others. One in particular, you will follow around and request that she pick you up.  She often does Baby Boot Camp with you in her arms since her son is happier playing and you're happy with her. Seems to be that you like blondes...

Your hair is coming in more and more. It's light brown, soft as feathers and curling in the back, little tufts of ringlet.

We're having a lot more success with you being happy even if I'm not around. I went to a meeting yesterday for two and a half hours and you were very happy to hang with Daddy.  And then later went to teach class and you were fine again.  You're happy with the babysitters at the YMCA, throwing your arms out to them when we walk in the door (the blonde one especially).  Next up, secure a real babysitter.  Maybe.  This is a tough one, but you are almost one year old and my business is picking up a bit.  It would be so wonderful if we found a sitter that you loved.  We'll start with the blondes.

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