Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steps, reading and the way you dance

Dear Pea,
On the first night of Hanukkah, which was also your Bobob's birthday, you took your first step. One. And then sat down and clapped for yourself. Amazing on so many levels.

You have been pulling yourself up a lot more often, reaching for higher drawers and chairs. You will stand at a dresser or your highchair and play standing for a while before moving on to the next thing.  You have also lately been much more interested in books. You will play with them, turning the pages and spinning the book in your hands. This is a far cry from the early months where you would slap the book out of my hand if I tried to read to you, even if you were playing nearby.  Now, you will crawl into my lap with a book and we will read it together.  And you have finally started dancing!  I'm using that term very loosely: your version of dancing is to raise one arm and flop it around.  You do this whenever music comes on.  Occasionally both arms get in on the action, but usually just one. You like dancing, though; it always gets big smiles.

When you are finished with a particular toy or piece of food, you throw it behind your back. You will go through your entire block set, picking up two blocks at a time and throwing them over each shoulder.  You do this with a purpose-apparently you like the block container much better empty. And speaking of toys, you really aren't that into them.  You like things that aren't supposed to be toys. CD cases. Phone chargers.  Onions.  Oh, the onions. They kept you entertained for an hour or more

in process of throwing toys behind you

you brought them from the kitchen into the living room. And then peeled them

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