Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pointing and pushing

Dear Pea,
You have discovered pointing. You point out things that interest you, things that you want to tough and things that you want to eat. We keep a bucket of (low sugar, organic) animal crackers above the refrigerator and you often point to those...oy.  You will also hold up one finger when we ask how old you are. Though maybe we just ask you when you happening to be pointing at something, I'm not sure this trick is parlor ready just yet.

You enjoy pushing things-it started with books and toys along the floor, but now you happily push chairs and  tables while "walking" to get you around. There's a pushing toy at the YMCA babysitting and I left you there last week while I did a quick run. When I left the room, you were happily cruising the room. When I returned, same thing. I should have added a couple more miles for us both! No signs of being close to walking on your own, though, and that's fine with us! You cruise a little bit along the couch or chairs, but really you don't stand much on your own yet.  You can, but you prefer not to. Though you will stand at a chair or table for long stretches of time, you aren't confident in your balance. It's fascinating to watch your motor skills progress.

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