Monday, January 28, 2013

Sign language

Dear Pea,
I forgot to mention another great milestone: you sign!  We have been teaching you ASL for some basic things like "milk", "all done" and "more." You have invented your own interpretations of these signs and now we've recognized your interpretations and we all understand each other. It's so amazing!! For "milk" which is a hand squeezing like you're milking a cow (which I never liked anyway) you rub your thumb and pointer finger together or make a pincer grip. "All done" is both hands in the air and you use it at the table when you want to get out of your high chair (but aren't necessarily finished eating) and when you want to get out of the bath. So, I guess you've taken the sign for "all done" and taken it to mean "I'm ready to change my seating arrangement." More you've got down cold. Both hands come together in front of your face. Sometimes you clap for this one, too.  But it's very very cool to have you be able to communicate with us without getting frustrated. Now we need to learn more signs and expand this budding vocabulary!

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