Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inquiring minds want to know...

Dear Pea,
You are so inquisitive these days! Your catch phrase is some variation of "what that guy doing?": "What is that?" "What they doing?" "What that guy name?" "What I doing?" "What's mama's daughter doing?"

Oh, yeah, that's the other funny thing. You're big into familial relationships and will often refer to people in a relationship way instead of who they are. So I'm often "Eliza's mama" or "you baby's mama" and you are usually "mama's daughter" or "your baby." This extends to everyone we know and can get quite complicated as you go through siblings, cousins and friends. Your cousin will sometimes be Daddy's sister's baby, which blows my mind.

Another thing that blows my mind? You know your right and your left. Sweet Pea, I don't know my right from my left! Oh and your colors, too. That's pretty cute

You ask lots of questions and make lots of demands. You ask the same questions over and over and over again and make the same demands over and over and over again. I will often answer your question twice or three times, then turn it back on you ("what's that guy doing?" "He's sweeping the ground" "What's that guy doing, Mama?" "He's sweeping!" "Mama, what that guy doing?" "What's he doing, Eliza?" Pause, smile "He's sweeping up!" And so on.

You are also super into nicknames. You've decided that your nickname is "Elizie" and my nickname is equal parts "Mommy" and "Ayns."  Harper's is "Harpie" and Jeanmarie is "Jeams"

You also sing and dance a lot. You like to sing songs while you're playing by yourself, while you're walking down the street, while you're eating lunch, while you're face-timing with people. You know so many songs!
And then sometimes you make up songs and dance to them...

 The chocolate song. Are you my kid or what?

You have also finally taken an interest in some babies. You spent an hour playing with a 14 month old at the Y yesterday, passing the ball to him and crawling around. You have a brand new special friend, Ari, and he was the very first baby you held. You like to pet him and talk about how soft is head is. But your favorite babies are your "guys" (Baby Sienna pictrued here with real Baby Ari) and they still often travel with you. 
You've been sleeping in your own bed all night long, but will still sometimes come into our bed to snuggle around 6:30am and there are at least two babies who come with you, too. Yesterday there were four, that was a tough fit for your arms. But you refused to leave anyone behind.

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