Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moods and termperment

Dear Pea,
Last week you were sick for over a week, with a phlegmy cough, runny nose and occasional vomiting. You slept a LOT during the day, often on my lap, and not so well at night. When you were awake, you were grouchy and contrary. It was a tough week for me, I had had it with your constant tantrums and soup mood, your insatiable appetite for milk and nothing else and the lack of sleep was not making anything easier. This week, you feel much better and the difference is astounding. I can't believe how much fun you are to be around. You are hilarious, signing mash-ups of your favorite songs ("We are the dinosaurs, what do you think of that? What do you think of that Black Sheep? Ba ba black sheep..") You are sleeping exclusively in your bed, sometimes with only one wake up a night/nap that lasts a minute or two. It's such a shift in your sleep and Daddy and I are so ready and happy that it's going this way.

You have fully embraced and embarked on imaginative play, having tea parties, cooking in your kitchen and wearing your baby doll. This morning you asked for cow's milk while we were having a tea party, so I got a carton of pretend milk and started to add it to the tea. You said "no, real milk!" Even though I know that you know we're playing pretend food and tea, it still sort of blew my mind to hear you articulate it like that.

You have hilarious phrasing. You use "actually" a lot now. "No, actually Daddy, I want to wear the blue shirt right now" "It's time for a bath. Actually, it's time for a story" etc. You just decided today that "Elizey" is your nickname. Someone asked you what your name is and you said "Elizey. Actually, that's my nickname" I did a double take, you smiled broadly and said "my name is Eliza but Elizey is my nickname"  Okay, then!  Maybe this stems from a friend Evelyn who we often call Evie...?

moxa-ing your legs in the midst of a bad cold

 Mickey and Minnie babywearing

 making binoculars out of a bracelet

 walking with your dolly in the yucky winter ice

 decorating a Valentine's cookie for Daddy

wearing my fancy shiny shoes. Walking in them better than me

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