Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pigtails, potty training and PRESCHOOL

Dear Pea, 
At 2.75, you have morphed into a complete and totally independent person. You essentially potty trained yourself and now only wear diapers when sleeping.  Which blows my mind. Whoa, that chapter of our lives is DONE!?? Crazy. Now if you would only start sleeping through the night we'd feel a little less zombie like in our every day lives.

We finished a perfect summer. The weather was rarely unbearable, we still saw some friends, we got out and enjoyed a TON of what NYC has to offer.

 Coney Island-your first rides!

 The Prospect Park Zoo-you thought the lily pads were kale

 Scooting is the essential locomotion preference for the Brooklyn under 10 set

We went apple picking in the Hudson River Valley

You've developed a real interest in arts & crafts and cooking. Your latest specialty is macaroni & cheese (from a box) but you really do a lot of the preparation.

We no longer travel with a carrier-you ride the subway like a bit kid: ducking under the turnstile, climbing the stairs, reading on the train. Here you are getting ready to head to the UWS with Daddy

AND!!  You started an organized playgroup, which is really an anti-school as it's all about play, exploration, nurturing and socializing. The woman who runs it believes that play is the base of children's culture. It's a magical, calm, loving space and we all feel so good when we're there. You like the other 6 or so kids, you like Lele, you come home with new songs and new stories and new skills. You have a life away from me and are learning more than I could teach you. It's so wonderful to be setting you out into the world on a path of your own discovery. We gave you this life, Sweetest Pea. It's yours to live, to discover and own. You're already starting to show your own passions (dance, music, bossing everyone around) and I know soon you'll begin dreaming your life dreams. It's a magical time. 

your first day of "school."

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