Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dearest Pea,
Where has the time gone? YOU ARE THREE!!! Three years old. Sometimes I find myself thinking about you as "the baby" and I realize that is totally off base. You are completely your own person, so autonomous and confident and capable.

You love to pretend to be someone else. Most often recently it's Leah from the Signing Time sign language instructional DVDs you love (and I am Rachel, the teacher and Leah's mom) but sometimes you are other characters from TV and books: Curious George, Tyrone, Pablo, Elsa, Domino the Dog, Hello Kitty. Sometimes you are even someone pretending to be someone else: Leah pretending to be a cat, for instance. When you are in these characters, you don't act any differently, you just refuse to be called by any name other than the one you have chosen. And you are very committed-Daddy and I constantly forget and call you Eliza, and you immediately correct us.

You started taking ballet class, which is adorable and hilarious. I'm not allowed to be in the class with you (DROP OFF! WAHOO!) but I got to watch the first day. You love it, mostly because of the outfits.

You love your playgroup that you attend 3 mornings a week. There are 6 kids and you play with all of them well. We bike to "school" and you love to sing and point out the familiar sights on the way.

And you have become quite my helper in the kitchen! Every time I make anything, you want to be front and center. You scramble eggs, mix in spices, roll out dough and add everything to the pan.

With the winter weather keeping us indoors more, you've been exploring arts and crafts and dress up/dance in the house.


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