Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seattle at age 3

Dear Pea,
We just got back from our first visit to Seattle in over a year. It was awesome. This time around, traveling with you is actually pretty great: you get your own seat, you can carry your own bag (well, sort of), you know what's going on and are excited about it and you LOVE watching TV, so a 6 hour flight is totally manageable. Oh, and using the bathroom instead of diapers on an airplane is the best. thing. ever.

This trip was full of fun things that you could finally appreciate and enjoy. We tackled the aquarium, Pike Place, and the Seattle Waterfront. We saw lots of family. We also were able to have some great downtime and play with Uncle Rossy's old toys. You slept in my childhood bed, snuggled with my old toys and enjoyed being the center of a very large circle of people. I can't wait to go back this summer and see more of our friends. And maybe even do your first camping trip!

Awesome times with Silly Uncle David and Aunt Kathy
Seattle sunset on the beach 

 swinging with Aunt Kathy

 Happy Kirshenbaums and Cohens

 The AWESOME playhouse Aunt Kath made for you. Your mail box was stuffed with Valentines and there were blankets and books inside to get cozy with

You were SUPER into it!

A special day with your cousin Alinea!

 Your very first movie! Frozen. You were mesmerized

Pike Place Market: full of deliciousness

No visit with Uncle Rossy is complete without a carousel ride!

The aquarium was awesome!


 This seal was eager to say hello

 Watching a scuba diver feed salmon and rock fish with Bobbob

Bedtime stories chez Kirshenbaum

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