Monday, March 2, 2015

Yeah, but...

Dear Pea,
You are at the top of your negotiating game, let me tell you. I think 95% of everything that comes out of your mouth in response to anything begins with, "Yeah, but..."

For example:
Me: would you like to go to the park?
You: Yeah, but I really want to stay home and watch something
Me: well, it's not time to watch something, but we can stay here and read a book
You: yeah, but I want to play with my cash register

Me: Time for bed, please pick out 3 books
You: Yeah, but I think it's not really time for bed yet
Me: I assure you, it's time for bed
You: Yeah, but maybe we could read 4 books tonight

Me: Would you like carrots or bell peppers with your lunch
You: Yeah, but I want macaroni and cheese
Me: Yep, would you like carrots or bell peppers with your mac & cheese?
You: Yeah, but I want peas

Yeah, but I want to hold the sled string

The other major verbal tic is "sure" or "surely."  As in, "I surely do know how to put on my shoes" and "I sure am going to read this book" or "It sure was pretty good at school today"  It sort of kills me, it's so thoughtful and cute.

I sure can say cheese!

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