Monday, June 11, 2012

Daddy's girl

Dear Pea,
Last night you wouldn't let your daddy go to sleep.  You kept pulling at his shirt and babbling in his ear.  It got to be later and later, and still you were mesmerized with him. He kept trying to sleep, but you were so engaging and so cute that he ended up staying up with you until you settled down enough to go to sleep.  You say da! and dada a lot these days, but not to him, yet.  But I know it's coming soon. I keep saying Dada is your first word, but Daddy waves it off, knowing you haven't really connected it yet. 

When Daddy comes home from work, your face lights up. He has a special game that as far as I can tell involves simply poking you all over that you think is HILARIOUS. When I poke you, you'll sometimes give me a consolatory smile, but you love this game with Daddy.  Though you will laugh when I tickle you, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. It's been a very sweet evolution, this special Daddy appreciation.  A few weeks ago, you would cry when he held you.  This is far better.

In developmental news, this past week has seen you sitting up unassisted for longer stretches of time-sometimes a minute or two before toppling over or, more recently, sort of falling forward and ending up in the crawling position.  You are never happy to find yourself in that position, but it's sure exciting to watch you get there.  You are also doing a sort of a scoot or rotation or something.  I can't quite tell how exactly you're moving, but you are.  This morning I put you down on your activity mat for some tummy time and you ended up with your entire body off of the mat.  It wasn't a crawl, it was more of a push and pull motion with both your arms and legs.  You will also sometimes start with your head pointing north and wind up with it pointing south.  It appears effortless, save for your constant chatter when you do this.  You roll over from your belly to your back very occasionally, maybe once a week or so.  

You chatter a TON, lots of dadadas, but other sounds, too.  Almost all the consonants and definitely the vowels.  The family lore is that I started speaking at 6 months: bye bye, mama and dada used in the correct context.  You may be on track for that, we'll see.  No pressure, little Pea-we're still simply awe inspired that you're here at all and don't really care who's schedule you're on except your own.  (Though I admit I am a little obsessed with having you crawl before you walk as this is said to foster right brain/left brain communication and be beneficial for proprioception.)

The other thing last week brought was MANY socializing opportunities  I am trading personal training with another mama and you had fun with her little one while we exercised-you were very interested in her ear, but not willing to let go of your foot to check it out closer.

We had a little happy hour party with some other mamas and us grown ups decided it would be fun to put you all on the couch to take a picture. You loved this: all five mamas waving and yelling peek a boo and and trying to get all the babies to look one direction.  Most of the other babes were a bit confused or bewildered, but you took it in stride. Yes, that's you on the far left, smiling at all of us crazy mamas.

And finally, your Uncle Rossy is here visiting.  He invented a game with you where he brings you closer and farther away from the big mirror, which you love.  He also brought a ukelele and plays it for you. You love this, too! You grab the strings and try to eat it if he's close enough and sit mesmerized if he's across the room.  

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