Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding and acupuncture

Dear Pea,
You seem to have inherited your spirit grandmother's personality.  You LOVE an adventure and you LOVE being social.  Last weekend we flew to Cincinnati to celebrate the impending marriage of some very special friends. Usually you are no fan of riding in the car, but the cab to the airport was different.  You knew it was different and you happily sat in your car seat all the way to the airport.  Once at the airport, you greeted fellow passengers, flirted with the TSA agents and passed security with flying colors.  You were a trooper the entire flight, smiling at everyone on board, then settling in for a nap that lasted from take off to landing. 

We bring ear plugs for our fellow passengers, just in case, but no one takes us up on them.  And for the flight out, there was no need: the only peeping you did was happy babbling.

Everything that day was fine with you and fun for you.  You were very happy in the hotel room, at the celebration, at breakfast the next morning, in the rental car...you love an adventure.  You cried a little bit on the flight home because you weren't happy sitting down, but once I was able to walk around the cabin, you settled right down and fell asleep.

 Ready for a party!!

Once we got home to NYC, however, you had had enough.  You did not want to be in the car on the way home and you fought your nap even though you were exhausted, finally falling asleep at 3:30pm and sleeping pretty much until Monday morning at 6am. 

Monday (yesterday) you were pretty zonked, too. You took all of your regular naps, but extended them out at least 30 minutes.  In the afternoon, I took you for your first acupuncture appointment.  You enjoyed this, too!  I learned how to give you gua sha, how to massage your back when you get another fever, what points to tap when you start teething and how to treat tummy ills.  You were patient with us poking and prodding you and thoroughly enjoyed eating the gua sha tools and Legos.

Next up: eating real food! It's coming soon, Sweet Pea! You have nibbled apples, bananas and peaches and now it's time for real food: eggs, beef and roe.  YUM!

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