Friday, July 13, 2012


Dear Pea,
Well, six months is the general time frame for babies to start eating, so we figured we'd give you some food.  We started with egg yolk-I fried it in a little butter and put it on a plate in front of you.  Of course, you grabbed at it and immediately put it in your mouth, as you do with everything.  And then...hmmm.  You looked at both Daddy and me so quizzically.  You played with it in your mouth, spitting it out, mashing it up in your fists, more in the mouth, more spitting.  After about 10 minutes, we took it away and wiped you down.

The next day, avocado. And a bath!
After two days of this ceremonious feeding, I realized that you aren't really going to eat anything yet.  You're still equally interested in the food as the container it is in, so I stopped with the And Now You Shall Eat This idea I had in my head.  SO, now, we just give you some of what we're eating.  I've steamed carrot sticks special for you, so if we're snacking on raw carrots, you get the soft ones.  This is actually the first food you ate, as evidenced by the carrots in your poop later that afternoon.  You've had some of my breakfast broccoli, and that was your favorite so far.  It was steamed, and I think you liked the structure of the stalk-easy to hold, fun to have in your mouth and juicy-you sucked on it for quite a while.  

broccoli all over your face and neck. You're wearing a shirt that says "eat more kale" but you still haven't actually tried kale yet

bananas and avocado

So, the food thing is very fun and very messy.  You're getting more interested in what I'm eating all the time, but are still equally happy eating the container that food is in as the actual food. 

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