Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Throes of Teething

Dear Pea,
So, now, we are really in it.  You are clearly uncomfortable much of the time, rubbing your mouth, chewing anything reachable. We've tried a number of things frozen, hoping that maybe the cold would ease your discomfort, but you don't like anything cold.  Frozen spoons, frozen teething toys, frozen banana-it all makes  you more frustrated.  You do like your teething toys at room temperature, though, so we stick with that. You have also been wanting to nurse more frequently, you dive at my shirt, sometimes nursing sitting up-little hits of elixir while you're playing seem to keep you comfortable for longer stretches.  I'll be drinking more chamomile tea and of course I consulted our acupuncturists for remedies and ordered you some good stuff.  I suspect that more than one tooth is on it's way; you gave no sign of discomfort when your first tooth peeked out.

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