Friday, July 13, 2012

Six month stats

Dear Pea,
So, as you know, you are an amazing flirt: you can turn on the charm in an instant and now know what a camera is and what face to make for it. 

this is your new version of smiling, especially for the camera: nose scruntched, mouth open.

What I didn't realize is that you also can give the DIRTIEST looks imaginable.  Wow, your poor pediatrician.  You were happily sitting on the table, shaking your rattle and crinkling (okay, eating) the tissue paper when in came the doctor and made you lay down.  You're not so into laying down these days.  You started fussing, so the doctor figured we might as well do the shot now instead of having to comfort you twice. (I have invented my own vaccination schedule, which is basically spacing everything out a LOT.  Instead of you getting three shots at each appointment, you get one shot.  At 6 months, the schedule says you should be completing your third booster of all the recommended vaccines-you were in fact getting your first booster of one of them). She swiped your leg with the alcohol prep pad as your fussing escalated into crying.  She prepped the needle as you fidgeted and squirmed, trying to sit up again.  In went the needle and BOOM-you screamed and shot her what can only be described as a murderous look.  I picked you up and tried to comfort you, but you kept looking back at the doctor and glaring.  Once you felt that the doctor was sufficiently aware of your displeasure, you calmed right down and resumed playing with her rattle.

Sweet Pea, you have gained 2 and a half pounds in two months, putting you in the 63rd percentile for weight at 16lbs, 13 oz.  You continue to be on the very tall end, now in the 101st percentile (!!!) at 27.8 inches. Your head has grown well, bringing you up to the 34th percentile at 42 cm in circumference. Your constant desire to stand is an indicator of your strength and appropriate weight and shouldn't be discouraged. 

You cut your first tooth the morning of your doctor's appointment. I was shocked and heard it before I saw it or felt it.  You were "drinking" water out of my glass (as always) and I heard a PING instead of the regular gnawing sound.  Huh?  I ran my finger along your gum and there it was: sharp ridges protruding from your lower left side gum.  You gave no indication of discomfort; I really wasn't expecting to see any teeth for a few months since Daddy and I were so late with ours.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised-you have your fingers or something in your mouth constantly (as evidenced by the photos). But you haven't been cranky or fussy or feverish at all.  So, here we go, another way that you continue to surprise and amaze me.

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