Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dear Pea,
You are such a delicious baby these days! Of course, duh,  you've been a baby this whole time, but now we're really in the 'what you think of as a baby' stage: you are crawling but not walking, you babble incessantly but aren't talking, you're tasting food, but not eating meals. You still love to be held/carried/worn and are just at the beginning stages of wanting to do things yourself (eating being the big one). You laugh every day, at being tickled, at being thrown in the air, at having your hair and teeth brushed.  You've also started laughing in reaction to other people, not just your own stimulation.  Basically, when Daddy makes a silly face or funny noise (I'm not nearly as funny, but everyone knows that).

But you're growing more and more aware of your body and it's abilities.  Changing your diaper these days is like wrestling a slippery fish.  Luckily your marathon poops have decreased to once or twice a day, so I'm not constantly wrestling a poopy fish.  But as soon as the diaper comes off, you roll over into crawl position.  Sometimes you pull yourself up to standing, sometimes to sitting, other times you just try to crawl off the table (yikes).  It is very difficult to diaper a moving target.  You find this funny, and, honestly, most of the time I do, too.  I've learned to allocate a lot of time to each diaper change and if we're not rushing out of the house, it's fine. And even if we are rushing, I've learned it's okay to be late. 

You also are less and less inclined to sit still for anything.

 Here I am, trying to take a cute picture of you and your BFF and you're not interested.

And here you're hosting a cocktail party. 

That's okay, Sweet Pea. I love that you'd rather you explore all of your surroundings and play with your friends than sit still. You are already such an adventurer.

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