Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your first hurricane!

Dear Pea,
Hurricane Sandy stormed through our life and neighborhood a couple of days ago. It was a crazy storm, flooding lower Manhattan and waterfront Brooklyn as it blew through.

no Baby Boot Camp today!!

We were extremely lucky to have kept our power and water on throughout the storm and to have minimal clean up to do. Daddy's office is in lower Manhattan where the power has been off since the storm and is expected to remain off all week. So, he's working from home all week. You love this 

helping Daddy work from home

The storm lasted a very long time, probably 24 hours that we didn't feel safe being outside and another 20 or so that we were just cautious.  We stayed inside from about 6pm on Sunday night to about 2pm on Tuesday afternoon.  We went a little stir crazy. I ate lots of Halloween candy and Daddy introduced you to The Muppet Show. You now love The Muppet Show. You sat for an hour or more, staring at the TV, while I apologized to you for rotting your not even 10 month old brain with TV.  Oh, well, special circumstances call for special treatment.  And it was a hard few days to be cooped up-you are not feeling your best. You have cut one of your top teeth (top left) and have three more coming in any time, so you are uncomfortable.  Your teeth are coming in atypically, too: the right canine is coming in faster than the right front one; you look like a real life Jack o Lantern.  

Speaking of  Jack o Lanterns, today is Halloween!  Hooray!  Last Sunday, right before the storm hit, we went to a Halloween party with your friends.  It was the cutest thing ever, all you crawling costumed babes wiggling around the floor of a bar.

Just a fraction of the party-goers!

You in all your Godzilla glory

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