Monday, October 15, 2012

First Spinning class

Dear Pea,
Since you were 10 weeks old, I've been teaching Spinning classes.  I started teaching early in the morning while you were still asleep and have added more and more.  Sometimes you hang out with Daddy while I teach. Once a week, you got to the YMCA babysitting.  Which you usually enjoy, or at least tolerate.  But not today. You have *four* teeth coming in, almost breaking the surface but not quite. You had a very busy weekend with shortened or missing naps.  You didn't want to go to babysitting when I had to teach.  So, halfway through, you came to class. You wore neon pink headphones to protect your ears. You stared at all of the people pedaling furiously, giving each person the once over.  And then, once you got used to the black light, the fact that sweaty mama was yelling at these people and they wanted her to, and the music, you started cheering them on.  You chattered encouragements and, after class, clapped for them.  It was so sweet.

I eat dried mango after Spinning and a couple of weeks ago you decided to eat some, too. You love it-we both walk home from the gym munching on the tough sweets.  Today, two people (mamas themselves) stopped me on the street to tell me how great dried mango is for teething babies. So, there you go, Sweet Pea, you sure do know what's up!

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