Saturday, March 9, 2013

14 Months

Dear Pea, 
First of all, YOU ARE WALKING NOW!!  You fall down a lot and sometimes take that as your cue to crawl or knee walk, but you often pick yourself right back up and walk some more. And when you walk, you clap for yourself. It's pretty freaking adorable.

And as much as you're walking around and exploring, you have developed an affinity for places that fit you. You love to sit in your car seat, you make a beeline for the miniature sofa at a playspace, you are happy in the center of playground flowers...

bowl shaped seat

You have become very interested in feeding yourself. You love to hold your fork and spoon while eating, sometimes trying to hold my fork also and still manage to eat. I finally caved in and bought you plates and cutlery all of your own and you love it-trying to get mushrooms on your fork, dipping your spoon into're such a little person.  You favorite foods these days are mushrooms, chicken and rice soup with veggies, pickles and spinach. You shove spinach into your mouth by the fistful. Our friend who calls you Eliza Belle was over during meal time-her boy was eating banana and strawberries, which you wanted no part of. She watched you practically inhale all your spinach and deadpanned to me "that's not normal." Ha, yes, I know. That's the point. 
serious about eating!

Sweet Pea, we are moving into a new apartment next week. There were some circumstances beyond our control and while we are sad to be leaving our current home (where you were born!!), we are excited for our next adventure. You will have your own bedroom and we even bought you your own bed to try out.  You are excited about the move, too-there are lots of boxes around now for you to play in

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