Monday, March 25, 2013

Puerto Rico

Dear Pea,
We just returned home from our first vacation as a family. We crashed our very special friend's babymoon and played in the sun and surf for 6 perfect days.  You loved the pool; splashing, kicking and flirting in the water every morning and afternoon. You hated the beach, refusing to put your feet on the sand, even if there was a towel or blanket spread out for you. We managed to keep you sunburn free. You ate chicken soup and apples every day, refusing everything else, even the virgin frozen drinks we kept sipping. We all slept in a king sized bed and are having readjustment issues.

Puerto Ricans love children. You were treated like a little goddess, like someone to be celebrated. It really highlighted how much children are simply tolerated here in the states. There, you roamed every restaurant barefoot while all the waitstaff fussed over you. They brought you special treats of shaved ice, rice and beans and fresh mango. They stopped us all the time to tell us how beautiful you are.

This was as close to the sand as you would get. You are firmly in Daddy's lap

close up of the wetsuit

staring it down. Your hair was so curly there!


You are standing on the table at a restaurant and everyone there thinks it's charming


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