Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Story time lap sitting

Dear Pea,
You love to be read to these days. And you always want to be in the reader's lap-that is your book listening  place.  Last night as I was trying to get you to sleep, you wanted to be read your good night book (I'll See You in the Morning) again. For like the seventh time. Just an aside-you like to flip through the pages of whatever we're reading during the day and often get a new book a few pages into the one we're currently reading. It's unusual to have less than three books in a rotation, usually reading your favorite parts over and over again. But that good night book-you know that's the only one in bed so you listen to it in its entirety over and over and over. I was tired and was lying down, trying to nurse you to sleep. I consented to one more read, but was still laying down. You tried and tried to find my lap, not able to get comfortable for the book until I sat up and made a lap for you. So cute.  I hadn't realized you only listened to book in laps before then.

Our special friends came over to play with you while I packed for our move. The fact that her lap was already occupied mattered little

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