Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
You spent most of your tenth week in Seattle. We took you to meet all of your west coast family, which is a tall order for a baby! You nailed your first airplane ride, sleeping most of the way and spending most of your awake time happy and curious.  We did have a little meltdown when your daddy held you while I went to the bathroom, but we calmed you down pretty quickly.

We brought two packs of earplugs for everyone else on the plane, but no one took us up on it.

And in Seattle, you were such a trooper.  Not only is it 3 hours earlier there, we also were there when the clocks need to be changed for Daylights Savings Time.  You still slept at night as well as you do at home, though there was one 4am when you just wanted to play for three hours.  We took you to temple for your Seattle baby naming, we hosted a big brunch so your aunties and cousins could meet you, we drove in the car, we walked in the rain, we survived a snow storm, Daddy blew up a was a lot packed in to six days!

And you were FABULOUS.  The only meltdowns you had were in the car, strapped in your car seat when you clearly would rather have been sleeping in your sling, and when you'd finally had enough of being passed around.  You adapted better than your parents to not having walkable access to everything, not having your usual food, changing table, bed and to a million people wanting to cuddle and kiss you. 

Your latest trick in your tenth week is sucking on your hand.  Almost always it's your right hand, though I have seem your left fingers there once or twice.  Some babies do this when they're hungry, but it doesn't seem to be a hunger cue for you-you just have figured out how to do it and seem to like it. These photos were taken on our trip home-you are sitting on my tray table which is not in its upright and locked position/

Also in your tenth week you are even more alert, chatty and happy.  You have almost laughed a few times, matching a HA with a huge smile.  You definitely know your pretty handmade mobile and look at it often when being changed.   You are also getting happier to hang out with your daddy, which is a relief.  We took a bottle break while in Seattle, but will try again now that we're home. Perfect timing, as I will be going back to teaching a few fitness classes next week!

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