Wednesday, March 21, 2012

11 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
Your eleventh week has been full of firsts: first time doing an outing in you "stroller" (it's actually a snap n' go, which we hook your carseat into, but whatever), first time going on a walking nap with Daddy, first time out in the Ergo instead of the sling, first time walking across the Brooklyn, what a week!  You are also officially out of all your newborn AND 0-3 month old clothes-we swapped with your grammy last weekend and everything 3 months fits great.  We are also in a new diaper size.

This week we had a gas leak in our apartment.  Luckily, we caught it early and there was no danger to you.  But we were without a stove for a week and had contractors, electricians and plumbers in and out all week.  And so we were out and about more than usual.  I think you're kind of sick of it-you really need your naps during the day and they have been intermittent and shorter than they should be lately. One day I paid $2.25 just to ride the subway for an hour hoping to help you sleep.  It was 80% successful.

I also started teaching classes again this week-my first one was a 6:30am class on your 11th week anniversary.  You were not happy to wake up not next to me and screamed to Daddy for an hour.  I came out to you asleep on his chest, having worn yourself out.  I'm sure we'll figure this out and do it more gracefully gradually.

And as for you, you are starting to reach for things!  You have a stuffed blue elephant that squeaks, rattles and crinkles and you are pretty into looking at him.  He keeps your attention.  You are also mesmerized by your handmade mobile.  You have also started drooling a LOT.  I have to decide if I'm going to just put you in a bib 24/7 or just keep wiping your face all the time.

We also took a bath together this week-your first time in the tub.  You had been fussing and crying all evening, but really needed a bath, so we figured we'd do it quick and hope you didn't scream too much.  As soon as you got in the water with me, you smiled.  You LOVE taking baths.  I can't wait to go swimming with you this summer.

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