Friday, March 16, 2012

You laughed!

Dear Pea,
As I write this, you are asleep on my chest in the sling as I bounce on the ball.  Usually you nap as I walk around, but this was too important not to document immediately. (well, sort of-this happened yesterday, but I had other things to take care of!)

Yesterday, Uncle Rossy came to visit.  He held you while I took a shower and danced with you and sang you songs.  He calls you Eli, like the boys name.  So cute. 

During one of your many naps yesterday afternoon, you were smiling in your sleep a lot.  And then.  Ha Ha Ha!  Uncle Rossy came in the room asking "what was that?!"  I called Daddy at work I was so excited.  So there you have it.  Ten and a half weeks old and your first laugh.   You were asleep when it happened.  What were you dreaming about, Sweet Pea?

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