Thursday, March 29, 2012

12 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
How time has flown already!  I can't believe we are out of what is sometimes known as the fourth trimester.  You are so very clearly coming into your own now.  You laughed out loud while awake for the first time at 12 weeks exactly: you think it's very funny to have your shirt taken off and put on over your head.  I actually think maybe your head is ticklish, you love it when we touch you there, whether it's cleaning you in the bath, getting dressed or tapping your head for Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes.

We are still not having any luck with the bottle.  We are clearly not doing something right and you are clearly the progeny of two very stubborn people.

At your three month check up, you moved UP in the height category! Crazy! You are now in the 87% for length! You slipped into the 43% for weight, which is pretty much where you were before.  Dr. T said you are meeting all of your milestones perfectly.  Though you screamed at her during this visit because I stupidly scheduled it during nap time. 

I realized that in all of these letters, I have been telling you what you're doing, but haven't shared how I am feeling.  Sweet Pea, I am utterly, overwhelmingly, consumed by how much I love you. I used to think I was so happy waking up in the morning next to your daddy...let me tell you, it is nothing compared to how happy I am waking up next to both of you.  I wonder if later on in your life you will feel the immensity your arrival brought.  No matter what subsequent sprouts we plant, it will always be you who first made me a mama. It will always be you who made us a family. And it will always be you we make the most mistakes with. Sorry in advance and forevermore.

Okay, enough about me again! You, to my great dismay, love television.  You actually watch it, intently. I guess my great aversion to you watching TV (besides the inactivity of all screen time) is the exposure to commercials, which I really don't have to worry about now.  So, I will continue to allow it.  It makes your daddy so very happy that you will watch an entire Ranger's game with him.

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  1. LOVE that picture!!! Although you have ruined her chances of ever running for office. haha!
    I thought that BBB was the only baby that LOVED the TV. Now, after reading your post, I think it must be normal. And, I'm ok with it- I think I have to be. Pea looks so strong sitting up in her Bumbo... future pilates instructor? She seems to like the bottle in her hand..haha...