Wednesday, April 11, 2012

14 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
It is Passover.  We celebrated with all of Daddy's side of the family-it was your first time meeting most of them, and, man, were you a champ.  Despite you being tired and screaming for the entire car ride, once at the party, you were wide eyed, alert and charming.  Of course, you screamed the whole way home, too, but we thought that you are just a social butterfly and would rather engage with people than sleep.

So, we took you to another little party the following day-my dear friend (and one of the people who helped bring in into this world!) is moving far away and we went to say goodbye.  You must have been as sad as I am that she's leaving because you screamed for a good portion of the time.  Finally you settled down, so we sat down and had some snacks.  And then you pooped on their couch. We decided it was time to leave.

The next day was Easter.  It was such a glorious day, little Pea.  Last Easter was the day we discovered that you were growing inside of me and we decided to celebrate by taking lots of long walks around our neighborhood.  We tried the stroller, which worked for about an hour and a half, then we stopped so you could have a snack, then I wore you the rest of the day. Your great-grand aunt made you a special Easter hat with ears, so you wore that all day.

This week we discovered that you are ticklish!  Sometimes when you are getting dressed or undressed or just having your diaper changed, I will run my fingertips over your collarbone and you laugh. A couple of days ago you wouldn't stop laughing.  I tickled and tickled and you still laughed every time.  Peek-a-boo is also getting to be a hit, though I think you are just responding to our ridiculousness when we exclaim in a high pitched voice "peek a boo!!"

Grammy got you playing with a bottle and you thoroughly enjoy it as a toy, even putting it in your mouth and sucking a bit.

Though later that night when I was away for three and a half hours teaching, Daddy tried to feed  you with it and you weren't interested.  But we're feeling more confident that maybe you will now that you at least like it and put it in your mouth.  The trouble is that you constantly have your fingers in your mouth, so getting a nipple of any kind in there instead is sometimes a challenge.  There's a lot of drool in our lives.  And you don't mind when we wipe it off your face; this too seems like a game for you and you often smile.

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