Monday, April 23, 2012

16 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
You are in the beginning stages of grabbing for things, holding them and bringing them to your mouth.  It's wonderful to watch you discover this, though you don't even realize you've learned a new trick.  Today as I was finishing changing your diaper, you grabbed the empty container of wipes, seemingly without making a conscious choice to do so.  Since the package was already in your fist, why not bring it to your mouth?  Again, I'm not sure if you were thinking, ooh, something to chew on or if you were bringing your hands to your mouth full or empty.  You sort of gnawed on the package for a minute and then dropped it.   

I should mention here that I debated allowing you to do this the whole time it was happening. Should you put this in your mouth? Should you be making a toy out of diaper wipe packaging?  Probably the answer is no on both counts, but I wanted you to realize that you had grabbed something and maneuvered it.  Would I prefer that you were grabbing a bottle and bringing that to your mouth? Of course, but one of the most salient lessons of parenthood so far is that nothing really goes the way you think it should.

You are definitely ticklish and break into hearty guffaws when we tickle your neck, your belly or under your arms.  We have changed our Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes from me touching your body parts to me now moving your hands so you touch your body. You love this, though you have to be in a specific position to touch your toes and it often doesn't work perfectly.  Sometimes this makes you giggle, too.

I got a new (to us) carrier for you, also. It's called a Moby wrap and I like it because it goes over both of my shoulders, instead of the one shouldered sling.  We've had it for almost a week and today is really the first day that you've warmed up to it-every other day you'd be happy for about 10 minutes, then frustrated.  Today you have taken two naps in it, the second happening right now and has been going on for over an hour.  I feel like now you're okay with it...maybe that's a good indication on how long it takes you to get used to things.  If Daddy gave you a bottle every night, would you take it after five days?  Let's find out.

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