Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15 weeks old!

Dear Pea,
You are 15 weeks old, AKA three and a half months.  You laugh when you find things funny (being tickled, having raspberries blown at you, peek a boo), you smile when someone-anyone-tells you how pretty/cute/adorable/gorgeous you are and you are pretty much over the "I hate everyone except my mama!" phase.  Which is to say, you are SO much fun!  Not that you weren't fun before, but life just keeps getting more and more so.

You really love to put things in your mouth-I often find that my (your?) sling is damp from being gnawed on after a walk.  A couple of days ago you were very frustrated because you couldn't get what you wanted in your mouth.  You were sucking your fingers, you were chewing on Sophie and you would nurse for a few seconds, but you were clearly looking for something else.  I kept offering you pacifiers-we have several and you hate them.  You would take one in your mouth and then make a face like you were eating something disgusting and swat it away.   I thought for sure it was the beginning of teething, though this would be extremely early, but it seemed to pass after than episode.  But ever since then, when it's time to nurse, you open your mouth so wide and sort of chomp down.  You look exactly like you have a huge appetite and are ready to gobble up the world.

You seemed to have had a growth spurt in the past week or so-you seem so much heavier and sturdier. So much more of a baby.  That may sound stupid, but it's true: there's definitely a point where newbornness transitions to babyhood and you have reached it.  You seem less fragile, more comfortable in your world.  More sure of your surroundings and more trusting of all of us who take care of you.  I will try to live up to that trust.

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