Monday, April 16, 2012

Sophie la Giraffe

Dear Pea,
It seems that these days it is tantamount to child abuse to raise a baby (at least in Brooklyn) without a toy called Sophie.  Sophie is a rubber giraffe who squeaks when squeezed, but something about her shape just beckons babies to gnaw on her.  Since you are still months away from teething, your Sophie has been waiting patiently for you on our bookshelf, but one of my mama friends told me that her baby girl, who is 5 weeks younger than you, loved hers, so out of the box she came. 

Sophie is a French toy, so she only speaks to you in French.  We had to get some help from your cousin in Seattle on this one-I know how to say "eat me" by really Sophie wants you to chew on her.  And you do! It's amazing!  You have never taken to a binkie, we've discussed your bottle-shunning ways...and yet, you will mache sur Sophie.  Maybe it's because she asks so nicely?

The other amazing power of Sophie so far is that she has gotten you to reach for things.  The first time we brought Sophie out to play, you were intrigued and made your first conscious sweeping for her.  Now you will hold her as you bring her to your mouth (!!!) and you've transferred that skill to my breast.  I think the books call this "gathering in" (though I really only read one baby book and read is a generous term) and it's right on schedule.  You have also begun swiping at your mobile and enjoy watching the hearts spin and sway above you.  Hand-eye coordination is developing!  So exciting!

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