Friday, May 4, 2012

4 months old!

Dear Pea,
I can't believe it, but you are four months old! You are so strong, kicking your legs out, standing every chance you get (which is when both hands are supported), moving your head from side to side to see what's going on.  Your mouth is a little drool machine, covering your chin with a nice sheen of saliva pretty much all the time.  You're not really interested in other babies, preferring your own reflection in the mirror and adults who can tell you how cute you are.  When we're with other mamas and babies, you seem not to even notice the other babes.  Or, you don't like them.

We've been doing some personal yoga training with another mama who's baby is two and a half months older than you and you do NOT like the other baby (who is so sweet and adorable and really wants to play with you!).  The first day you met her, you were on an activity mat and started to fuss.  Other baby crawled over to you before I could to try to comfort you, patting your face and trying to give you kisses. So so sweet, but you were not having it. Today, when other baby was playing, sometimes she would shriek.  You HATED that-every time she would scream, you would scream and cry. It got to be a little screaming loop-she'd scream for fun, you'd scream in protest and as soon as you settled down, she'd scream again.  Her poor mama was trying to do was sort of hilarious.  So, we're still feeling out how much of a help you are to me when I'm working. 

But you do help me a lot with finding exercises to do.  Your favorite so far is when I do a wide leg plie while holding you.  As my knees bend, I bend forward and you come towards to floor.  You love it, giggling the whole time.  You also ride on my hips when I'm doing bridge pose or just hip presses, you ride on my shins in boat pose and you sit on my thigh in lunges.  I also tricep press you. You have a great time and I get a little workout in.  And a lot of slobber on my face when pressing you!

Tricep press

Hip press

You continue to be a good night sleeper, but the daytime naps are a bit of a challenge.  Basically, you only sleep on me.  And sometimes you have to be put in your sling or Moby to get there.  And the walking naps are getting shorter in length-sometimes you'll stay asleep for an hour or more, but usually thirty minutes.  And then you'll be tired and cranky.  So, we're working on other ways for you to sleep.  There's a baby sleep expert in our neighborhood who I may end up bartering with-I just want to make sure you're as happy and healthy as you can be.  So much of the way we parent is just trusting you to figure out what you need, but I've been watching you struggle with falling asleep during the day and know I need to help you more.

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