Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dear Pea,
You are four and a half months old.  I can't believe that you would be teething yet since both your parents were very late with their teeth, but it appears that you may indeed be starting the process.  You have a constant stream of drool coming out of your perfect lips, you want everything in your mouth and you love when I rub my fingers against your gums.  You have also developed a dog-like routine when you really want something in your mouth and your fingers aren't cutting it: you open wide, shake your head like a dog shaking a toy it has "hunted" and sic yourself onto the nearest target.  Most often my chin.  And though you don't have any pearly whites just yet, man, you have a strong jaw.  I expected my hair to get pulled (oh, boy, does it), my clothes to get nibbled on (check!) and any dangling jewelry to be claimed by your fists (and that's why I don't wear anything except my wedding ring and occasionally a watch anymore), but my chin to be clamped down on, bitten and sucked? That's been a surprise.

Every day you are a little bigger, a little stronger and a little more aware of your surroundings.  Every morning we all wake up about the same time and sing the good morning song before we get out of bed.  You wake up happy, stretching and wide eyed and start smiling as soon as we start singing.  You play with your feet, you enjoy toys, you chew on your books.  You are almost ready to sit up-you sit on the couch or armchair propped up in the corner, but lean forward to support yourself on your arms.  Your arms get tired and you fall over, still in the sitting position.  You never really seem to mind, though we rescue you very quickly.  You roll over to your back from tummy time and never seem fazed that the world has shifted.  Truly, most of the time you are mellow, content to observe.  You sit in your swing, awake, when I take a shower and happily play with your hands and feet.  By the time I'm ready to get out, you are, too, but it's a good 15 minutes that you're content.  You still love your handmade mobile and have pulled off one of the hearts because you were trying to eat it.  We moved it a little higher.

Anyway, here's you.  Grabbing your feet, eating your hand, happily on your changing table.  You still think that getting dressed and undressed is the most fun thing ever

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