Monday, May 7, 2012

Beltane blessings

Dear Pea,
Last weekend you attended your first Goddess Circle.  We celebrate the 8 turning points in the wheel of the year-the two solstices, the two equinoxes and the powerful points in between. This past week was Beltane, May Day.  It's the time to celebrate the Goddess in her lover aspect and is about lushness, sensuality, love and beauty.  We sat around the altar with 12 other ladies, all at different stages of their life.  We had you and brand-new baby Olympia for our Maidens, a handful of Lovers, including a beautiful newlywed, a few of us young Mothers and two wise Crones/Queens.  It was a lovely circle and you LOVED it. You helped us call in the goddesses, you nursed very enthusiastically during the opening meditation and joined us in the closing mediation.  In between the meditations, we went around the circle and gave blessings of earth, air, fire and water to the woman next to us.  You were mesmerized.  You loved the mist of water on your face,  you followed the lit candle with your eyes, you basked in the tuning fork and you tried to eat the essential oil representing the earth.
You were born under the sign of Capricorn, your rising sign is Capricorn and your moon is in Taurus. You are all earth.  Which makes sense that you wanted to eat the essential oil that represents earth blessings. 

We ate strawberries (the first of the season!), chocolate cake and rubbed rose petals against our skin.  You passed on the snacks, but enjoyed the feeling of the flower against your cheek.  But as lush as a rose petal is, it's still no match for the softness and sweetness your face.

In this picture, you can see our altar, decorated with peonies and roses, candles and strawberries.  You are so happy to be eating your dress as I hold Olympia, relishing my first circle as a Mother.

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