Thursday, May 10, 2012

Four month stats

Dear Pea,
We went to see Dr. T for your four month check up yesterday. It was the first time going that you didn't cry at all. Not only that, you had big smiles for everyone. 

Weighing in at 14lbs, 5oz, you have moved from the 43rd percentile to the 62nd.  At 26 inches tall, you have moved from the 87th percentile to the 95th.  Basically, you are a tank.  Everything is developmentally on target or ahead of schedule-Dr. T told me to watch for you to start rolling and finding your feet in the next month or two, which you are already doing like a pro.  In the past week, Daddy and I have noticed you tugging on your right ear, which I asked the doctor about.  She looked in and confirmed my suspicion that you didn't have any inflammation (you haven't been in pain) and told me that it's often a comfort measure for babies.  So there you have it, Sweet Pea. You don't suck your thumb, you won't take a pacifier; when you want to comfort yourself, you channel Carol Burnett.

This morning I went to teach my class and you hung out with Daddy very happily! You were all smiles when I came home, after mostly all smiles with him.  And even when you weren't smiling, you weren't screaming.  It makes us both very very happy that you are getting more and more comfortable spending just Daddy daughter time. 

And now a sweet memory I want to preserve: I was putting you into your clothes for the day and getting ready to put your shirt on, which is your favorite.  You had your right hand tugging your ear, your left hand almost entirely in your mouth and were laughing in anticipation of me putting your shirt on, which I couldn't do because your hands were not available to go into your sleeves. That made you laugh even harder. 

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