Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear Pea,
Almost every night since your birth, we FaceTime with my dad in Seattle.  At first, many of those conversations were just us talking with the camera pointed at your sleeping face.  I think my dad sometimes tried to wake you up, but you usually slept right through. Lately, though, you're awake and interested.  So interested, in fact, that you try to get into the iPad to touch your grandpa.  It's so so so so cute.


Even closer
You are also becoming more interested in my face.  You have decided that, although a pacifier isn't nice to suck on, my chin is.  Sometimes you favor my nose, too.  This seems to be a game for you-you know you're not eating anything and you know you can't suck too hard or too long, but it's quite funny to leave your mama's face covered in slobber. Other things that are funny remain being tickled and having your clothes changed.  You enjoy having your belly touched, rubbed and tickled and will sometimes start laughing in anticipation as soon as your shirt comes off. 

You are a terrible flirt.  You smile at anyone who says you're pretty, which is pretty much everyone who meets you. You smile at your grammy as soon as you wake up after an hour of terrorizing her screaming while I'm teaching class, you smile at your daddy first thing in the morning and as soon as he gets home, you smile at me when you're going to try to suck my chin off, you smile at yourself and me in the mirror...we still get completely drunk off your smiles and love nothing more than to make you happy. 

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