Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dear Pea,
 Almost 5 months old now, you are big into whatever we are into.  Every time I drink something while holding you, you want the cup in your mouth, too.  You don't seem to want to actually drink what I'm drinking, but you thoroughly enjoy gumming the glass rim. You grab at whatever we're holding and bring it to your mouth.  Most mornings I begin my day with an apple and you are equally happy with apple to gnaw on as you are the towel the apple is wrapped in.  Not quite ready to eat just yet. But you have chewed on carrots, sugar snap peas (your namesake!) and apple. 

You have also started reaching your arms up when you want to be picked up.  Or in anticipation of being picked up.  Or if Daddy comes home and I'm holding you, you'll reach for him.

This morning you let me do our entire yoga class while happily playing with a plastic ring of multicolored disks.  The ring fit over your hand so sometimes you wore it like a bracelet, sometimes you had it loose and chewed on it and sometimes you dropped it and picked it back up again. Dexterity is developing-Dr. T told us we'd see some hand to hand transferring soon and here we go!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to visit your Grammy, Grandpa and GG.  You had a lovely time with Grammy and GG, playing with toys and a sippy cup.  But every time you looked at your grandpa, you started to cry.  We're all hoping this is a short lived phobia and you can go back to being friends soon.

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